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Multimedia Kiosk

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Features of Touchscreen Kiosk

♦ Infrared Multi-point Touch

♦ Full HD Display 1080P

♦ Energy Efficient

♦ Complies With HID Equipment Standard

♦ Touchscreen Detection Software Supports Full-Screen Detection

♦ Location and Adjustment

♦ Ambient Light Sensor

♦ Anti-light Interference Function

♦ Intel Core i3, i5, i7 Processor; Based on intel Standard OPS platform


Design and Construction of Touchscreen Kiosk

♦ The aesthetic and functional design of interactive kiosks is a key element that drives user adoption, overall up-time and affordability. There are many factors to consider when designing an interactive kiosk including:

♦ Aesthetic design: The design of the enclosure is often the driving factor in user adoption and brand recognition.

♦ Graphic messaging: Plays a key role in communicating with potential users.

♦ Maintenance and thermal design: Critical in order to maximize up-time

♦ Component specification: Typical components include Touch-screen, P.C., pointing device, keyboard, bill acceptor, mag-stripe and/ or bar-code scanner, surge protector, UPS, etc.

♦ Ergonomic: It is important to ensure comfortable and easy user accessibility.

♦ Durability: The intended location of the kiosk will largely influence the construction as materials and electronic requirements are significantly different for indoor vs. outdoor kiosks

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